Showrooms & Shop Fronts


Extra Clear Glass

Standard clear float glass has an inherent green tinge, which is more apparent when viewing the edge of the glass, or in stacks of glass panels. This is due to the iron content in the silicate (sand). Extra Clear low iron glasses contain approximately one quarter of the iron content of standard clear float glass, providing an extra clear glass that is crystal clear in appearance.

Extra Clear glass is ideal in decorative and furniture applications, showrooms, showers, shop fronts and toughened glass entries. Extra Clear glass is ideal for applications requiring colour backing or painting due to high light transmittance and true colour appearance. It is also quite popular on creating a stunning looking aquarium for enthusiasts who want the best for their hobby.

Extra Clear Glass

Key Benefits of using an Extra Clear Glass:

  • Provides less greenish colour of the glass edges
  • Provides high light transmittance
  • Can be toughened or laminated
  • Highest transparency for true colour representation, even in thicker laminated combinations

Technical Specifications

Colour Range Extra Clear
Thickness (Min – Max) 3mm – 19mm
Panel Size (Available) (3300mm x 2440mm), (3300mm x 2134mm), (3660mm x 2440mm), (3660mm x 2134mm)
Custom Design Holes, Cut-outs, Edge Polishing, and Toughening
Options Heat Strengthened, Toughened Laminated, Curved