Safety Glass


Safety glass is used to reduce the risk of injuries from impact and any consequential glass breakage in areas prone to accident. Critical locations where safety glass must be considered are outlined in Australian Standard AS1288 whereby the following are required to be fitted with Grade A safety glass:

  • Glass Doors
  • Glass that can be mistaken as an unimpeded path of travel (Under certain lighting conditions, glasses may appear invisible and can cause serious injuries in collision impact)
  • Bathroom Shower and Enclosures (all areas up to 2000mm of the floor) including bathroom windows
  • Shopfronts and internal partitions
  • Balustrades and stairwells
  • Through out the building if it is a Schools or Childcare buildings (all areas up to 1000mm of the floor)
  • Special activity buildings, such as gyms and swimming pools
  • Overhead glazing or sloped glass

ORIGIN OZ offers two types of safety glass: Laminated and Toughened/Tempered glass.

Both of these glass treatments meet Australian safety and building regulations, and our staff can assist in outlining the key standards of your specific building requirements in order to select the most appropriate one to meet your needs.

Both Laminated and Toughened glass are explained in more detail on the next tab on this page.


Laminated glass is a Grade A safety ensuring strength and safety under impact, comprised of two or more layers of glass permanently adhered together by an interlayer or resin. This interlayer keeps the glass bonded when broken and its high strength durability prevents glass from forming large sharp and potentially dangerous pieces should breakage occur.

Laminated glass is normally used wherever there is the possibility of human impact, or where falling glass poses a significant threat. In geographical areas requiring hurricane-resistant construction, laminated glass is often used in exterior storefronts, curtain walls and windows. The interlayer also gives glass a much higher sound insulation rating due to a damping effect, and may also block up to 99% of transmitted UV light.

Advantages of Laminated glass are:

  • Greater security than toughened glass
  • Less fading over time of usage

ORIGIN OZ offers a variety of glass and interlayer products that include an extensive range of colours; solar controls with low emissivity; and cyclone resistant, ballistic and bomb resistant glass.

Our laminated glass is manufactured to certified Australian engineering specifications, and we are able to laminate most glass types to cater to customer specific requirements such as energy efficiency, security, acoustic solutions and decorative preferences.

Typical cracking of laminated safety glass. On the image above we can see how it doesn’t break into small dangerous pieces although it is shattered.

Toughened / Tempered

The tempering process makes glass highly durable and in many building instances its installation and use is a specified human impact safety requirement. It is made through a process of heat followed by chilled compressed air, which leads to the formation of a rigid surface layer resistant to not only physical impact but also changes in temperature.

Glass that has been tempered is four to five times stronger than ordinary glass of the same thickness. It can absorb direct high impact forces and in the event that it does break, the resulting glass fragments will be in the form of small blunt particles as opposed to sharp shards.

The principal benefit of toughened/tempered laminated glass lies in its strength and performance under impact. It is capable of withstanding very large loads, and in the unlikely event of being broken the resulting fragments will be retained by the interlayer. When properly glazed, it will normally remain in place until replacement is convenient. The strength of toughened laminated glass makes it ideal for use as balustrades and barriers, overhead canopies, shower screens, stove tops and hobs, cookware, tableware, glass floors, fins, and for bomb blast resistance.

Advantages of Toughened glass are:

  • Cheaper alternative to Laminated Glass
  • Lighter in weight means less wear and tear on window operating mechanisms

Installed toughened glass is always susceptible to spontaneous breakage whenever nickel sulphide (NiS) inclusions are present in the glass. Our HEAT SOAK process effectively reduces this risk by eliminating over 9S % of the potential for breakage due to Nickel sulphide inclusions. Our large Heat Soaking facility ensures our quality of toughened glass is of the highest standard, and will withstand the test of time.

ORIGIN OZ has one of the largest and most up to date glass tempering facilities in Australia. This allows us to provide our clients with many construction possibilities in keeping with the Australian Building code, including utilising large toughened panels in areas where views are often disrupted.

Technical Specifications

ORIGIN OZ Custom Toughened/Tempered Laminated Glass is manufactured to suit each customer’s individual requirements.

The available technical specifications for this product include:

Colour Range Clear, Extra Clear, Grey, Green, Bronze, Pattern
Thickness (Min – Max) 3mm – 19mm
Panel Size (Min – Max) (200mm x 300mm) – (6000mm x 2440mm)
Custom Design Holes, Cut-outs, Edge Polishing, and Toughening