Podium Structural Glass


Structural Glass

Introducing Podium™ – Structural Glass, an engineered structural laminated glass with stiff interlayer, ORIGIN OZ can offer structural glass products with a wide range of applications. The combination of durable, crystal-clear transparency, almost limitless protection against yellowing and its excellent edge stability under extreme weather conditions make Podium ™ even more appealing for interior and exterior architectural installations. Some of the benefits of Podium™are:

  • Thinner laminates, higher safetyThe stiffness of the interlayer in Podium™ is so high that there is an almost perfect transfer of load between the glass sheets. This applies to a wide temperature range and also under long-term conditions. In such a manner, Podium ™ makes it possible to produce high load-bearing structural glass with an exceptional performance/weight ratio. In comparison with standard laminated glass there are substantial opportunities for:a. glass width reduction, often in the region of one to two standard glass widthsb. the installation of larger panels at determined loadsc. a reduction in the number of fixing points for frameless glazing
  • More post-breakage safetyBecause of its stiff interlayer, frameless Podium ™ for architectural applications is the only safety glazing which remains intact after breakage
  • Excellent weathering resistanceCompared with standard laminated glass, Podium ™ is also more resistant to moisture and the effects of weather at temperatures between -30°C and + 70°C.
  • Maximum transparency over many yearsAs well as their high stiffness, Podium™ provide an additional benefit: they enable highly transparent glazing. After years of usage, Podium ™ retains its original transparency.

Platforms, Special Applications

Because of its structural integrity, Podium™ is often used for Frameless Balustrade System, without the need for handrails, to give uninterrupted views from balconies and platforms in residential and commercial buildings. It is also used in the cyclonic regions for resistance against extreme winds and flying debris during cyclonic conditions.

Maximum visibility with minimum disruption of views, frameless glass fencing and balustrade are an ideal option to enhance your poolside or outdoor environment. You also have a selection of clear, tinted or feature glass options to create the effect you desire. Using Grade A safety glass and marine grade stainless steel fittings ORIGIN OZ can guarantee that you are getting a quality product that suits your personal style and decor.

Laminated safety glass offers greater degree of resistance upon impact than standard float glass due to its tough PVB interlayer. Depending on the velocity and strength of the in1pact, laminated glass will tend to stay intact in the opening. Thicker interlayer increases the amount of time and effort required by the intruder to gain access through the glazing. This serves to dissuade and thwart would be intruders or burglars.


The Australian Standard AS3555 Building elements – Testing and rating for intruder resistance specify the types of forced entry resistant glazing systems (a complete frame and glass unit) to withstand physical attack with common hand tools, axes, sledges and power tools. These systems utilise a multi-laminated glass which can include polycarbonate and polymer sheets with PVB interlayers.

For windows subjected to extreme winds and flying debris during cyclonic conditions, ORIGIN OZ PODIUM™ range of special laminated glass are available. In properly designed window systems, Podium offers improved cyclonic protection or thinner constructions than are now possible with conventional laminated glass. It has five times the tear strength and 1 00 times the rigidity of conventional PVB laminated glass.

Technical Specifications

ORIGIN OZ Podium™ is often used for Fameless Balustrades without the need of handrails, allowing uninterrupted views.

Colour Range Clear, Colour Tinted, or feature Glass
Thickness (Min – Max) 19mm – 65mm
Panel Size (Min – Max) (100mm x 100mm) – (5000mm x 2600mm)
Custom Design Holes, Cut-outs, Edge Polishing, and Toughening
Special Attributes 5x Tear strength and 100x Rigidity of conventional laminated glass
Maximum Clarity and Transparency over years of usage

Bullet resistant glazing systems consist of a complete frame and glass bullet resistant unit. A multi-laminated glass which can include polycarbonate and polymer sheets with PVB interlayers is laminated together to various thicknesses according to the level of protection required as per the seven classification levels in AS2343 Bullet resistant panels and elements. In common applications thicknesses vary from 19-65mm.

Classification levels in AS2343

Classifications Calibre Ammunition Measured Velocity within 2.5 meters of target (meter/second) Minimum Range Number of Strikes
G0 9mm Parabellum Mk22 7.4 gram bullet 405+/- 15 3 3
G1 357 Magnum 10.2 gram semi jacket soft point 405+/- 15 3 3
G2 .44 Magnum 15.6 gram semi jacket soft point 480+/- 15 3 3
R1 5.56 mm M193 5.56mm 3.6 gram FMJ 980+/- 15 10 3
R2 7.62 mm NATO 9.3 gram FMJ 850+/- 15 10 3
S1 12 Gauge (Full Choke) 70mm Case 32 gram SG shot 400+/- 20 3 2
S2 12 Gauge (Full Choke) 70mm Case 28.5 gram solid slug 450+/- 20 3 2