Shower Screens, Mirrors & Splashbacks


ORIGIN OZ provides an extensive mirror selection coupled with the capacity to process mirrors in a wide range of shapes and several edge profiles such as polishing or bevelling. We will work closely with our partners in order to turn your designer dreams into reality. With our excellent equipment we can manufacture large mirrors, splash backs, spandrels with holes and cut outs, with a level of accuracy unparalleled in the Industry.

Frameless shower screens allow for an uninterrupted aesthetic flow of space in the bathroom, creating the illusion of space and providing customers with a more modern, stunning look. Because there are no frames around the glass, there is nowhere for grime, mould or bacteria to collect. Applying ENDURO SHIELD™, a transparent coating that protects the glass against staining, etching and corrosion make the glass water repellent and stain resistant, cleaning your shower becomes a breeze.

Technical Specifications

ORIGIN OZ frameless shower screen range is custom made to your size and specifications using high quality architectural toughened glass with the guaranteed safety and strength.

Colour Range Any combination of colour and glass clarity from clear, extra clear, tinted, patterned
Thickness (Min – Max) 3mm – 19mm
Panel Size (Min – Max) (100mm x 100mm) – (5000mm x 2600mm)
Custom Design Holes, Cut-outs, Edge Polishing, and Toughening