Fire Protection Glass


Fire Protection Glass

ORIGIN OZ Firetech™, a passive fire protection glass is designed specifically for use in bushfire prone areas to help protect human life and residential property. This is mainly accomplished by maintaining structural integrity for a time during the fire, and limiting the spread of fire and the effects thereof (e.g. heat and smoke). Fire protection glass, however must be used as part of an approved system that includes glass, frame, framing components, fixing and the surrounding structure as tested together.

A piece of 5mm clear toughened glass framed in a steel framing window system will shatter in a little over 5 minutes when exposed to a standard time / temperature fire test curve – highlighting the danger and lack of protection toughened glass provides in situations where protection from fire is required.

The aim for passive fire protection systems is the ability to maintain the item or the side to be protected at or below either 140°C (for walls, floors and electrical circuits required to have a fire-resistance rating) or ca. 550°C, which is considered the critical temperature for structural steel, above which it is in jeopardy of losing its strength, leading to collapse. Fire testing involves live fire exposures upwards of 1100 °C depending on the fire-resistance rating and duration one is after, usually expressed in terms of hours of fire resistance (e.g. 1/3, 3/4, 1, 11/2, 2, 3, 4 hour) . More items than just fire exposures are typically required to be tested to ensure the survivability of the system under realistic conditions.

Technical Specifications

ORIGIN OZ FIRETECH™ glass is up to 12 times stronger than a normal annealed glass, and up to 3 times stronger than a tempered glass.

Types Single, Double anti-fire glass available
Colour Range Any combination of colour and glass clarity from clear, extra clear, tinted, patterned
Thickness (Min – Max) 6mm – 22mm
Panel Size (Min – Max) (3000mm x 3000mm) – (7000mm x 3300mm)
Custom Design Holes, Cut-outs, Edge Polishing, and Toughening