Anti-Slip Glass Floor Staircase

Origin OZ introduces Podium Anti-Slip Glass flooring products for internal and external use.

These anti-slip glass flooring products are made of multiple panels of glass laminated together for added strength making it a strong and safe glass you can walk on. With patterned surfaces produced using acid etching methods for enhanced slip-resistance, making the Podium Anti-Glass the perfect choice for flooring and staircases.

The combined opacity of the etched surfaces and the transparency of the glass delivers full privacy without limiting the natural flow of light.

Available in 4 elegant pattern finishes (spots, squared, checkered and cross), the design is sure to please even the creative minded.

anti-slip glass

Origin OZ’s Podium Anti-Slip Glass has a resistance value of R11 and is fully compliance with Australian Standards. They are used for residential and commercial applications.


  • Superior slip resistance
  • Obscure view for privacy
  • Allows high level of natural light to transmit through
  • Non-slip when dry or wet
  • Resistance to surface contamination and stains


  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Architechtural buildings
  • Lobbies
  • Staircases
  • Shower floors
  • Decorative wall features
  • Overhead bridges
  • Stages
  • Catwalk aisle